Yearbook 2016-17

Clipart of smiley face taking a picture

Mary Marek 2016-2017 YEARBOOK!!
Our photographers have tried to capture pictures of each student. But they
can’t be everywhere. So, if you have good pictures from your child’s classroom,
field trips, and other special events, please share.
You can send pictures throughout the year; however, we will finalize all the
pre-January events soon, so please send those by February 17th for
consideration in the yearbook.

It’s easy to contribute, use any of the three options below or contact Kathryn Womack at with questions.
Please only send photos of current grade students AND school activities.

Option #1: Digital Photo Upload directly to the Yearbook Store:
1. Open URL: in your browser.
2. Click “Share them here” at the bottom of the page.
3. On the “Yearbook Photo Upload” page, enter your name, your email, select the related Section and click “Browse” to select your photos.
Note: If you have many pictures to contribute, create a folder with all your selection and when you click “Browse”, go to your created folder and select all.
4. Add notes to identify event, grade level, classroom, students, etc.

Option #2: Share through Google Drive/Photo, DropBox, etc. with
– In Google Drive, right click on the folder or photo, click share, and add email above
– In Google Photo, in the album or photo, click look for the share symbol to share
Please ensure event info is included in folder, album, file name, or other means

Option #3: Email photos to along with event information.

Also, Yearbook Personalization will again be available and pre-order information will be sent soon.