Volunteers Needed for Book Fair!

Marek Families! Thank you for all your help thus far! Our next big school event is Book Fair, opening Friday September 30th through Friday, October 7th. We need volunteers that week! Volunteers help the students pick out books, count their money and check out. You can even ask your child’s teacher what day and time they are taking the class to the book fair, and sign up to volunteer during that time! Visit https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0d4fa5ad28a5fa7-marek15 to volunteer! Make sure you’ve completed your background check through Alvin ISD before volunteering: https://publicweb.alvinisd.net/volunteers/

A few teachers have signed up for a book fair time and are listed below, but confirm with your child’s teacher as these are subject to change:

  • Bass – Fri. 9/30, 1030am and 2pm
  • Byrd – Fri. 9/30, 230pm
  • Gillie – Tues. 10/4, 9am
  • Gonzales – Thurs. 1030am
  • Henderson – Thurs. 230pm
  • Jonason – Mon. 10/3, 9am
  • Lawler – Mon. 10/3, 10am
  • Lopez – Mon. 10/3, 8am
  • Martin – Fri. 9/30, 9-930am
  • Mathew – Fri. 9/30, 1pm
  • Matula – Fri. 9/30, 10am
  • Moore – Fri. 9/30, 1130am

Thank you for your help!

Marek PTO

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