General Meeting Minutes

The 1st PTO Meeting of the year will be held October 3rd at 6:30pm in the Marek Cafeteria

Please come join us learn more about PTO events and fundraising / spending.

We would love for you to join PTO and volunteer.  But we hope everyone can join to align on goals for the year.



PTO General Meeting / Election Night

May 16, 2017

Meeting started: 6:40pm

23 People were in attendance including Mr. Nieto, Ms. Winborn and Ms. Little.

  1. Parents introduction to each other
  2. We discussed duties and responsibilities.
  3. Wrap Up/Recap of activities and events happened in 2016-2017 year
  4. Introduced the free money for school: Amazon Smile, Box tops
  5. Introduction of the PTO Facebook group
  6. PTO recap including the introduction of New PTO board structure and each positions
  7. Ms. Little introduced about the projects/events: Dot Festival, Art Month, Fund raiser, Big Art night, Rodeo Art
  8. Ms. Winborn introduced about the library volunteer tasks and help
  9. Board Elections were held.
  10. Committee signups were available after the meeting


Meeting was adjourned at 7:50pm.

Questions Asked:

  1. Committee lead and members
  2. Time schedule while involving in the PTO
  3. Who approves the board positions