Holiday Store is Coming Dec 5-9!

Please sign up here to volunteer in our holiday store! We need lots of help to make this a fun, enjoyable experience for Marek students! If you would like to volunteer during you child’s class visit to the store, see the days and times for classes signed up so far below:

Monday Dec 5 – 9am Diaz, 930am Redd, 10am Alexander, 1030am Moulton, 11am Martin, 1pm Stevens

Tuesday Dec 6 – 9am Gillie, 930am Paul, 10am Shirah, 1030am Hopson, 11am Bass, 1130am Williams, 12pm Price, 1230pm Wade

Wednesday Dec 7 – 9am Luevano, 930am Matula, 1030am Fischer, 130pm Lopez

Thursday Dec 8 – 10am Solis, 1030am Blehm

Friday Dec 9 – 9am Gonzales, 1030am Kieu

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