Volunteer Opportunities

Children whose parents pitch in at school have a better attitude and higher academic achievement. It is important and it is fun! Unfortunately, many volunteer opportunities are on hold this year. Please take a few minutes to review the opportunities that are available. Volunteers for the 2020-2021 school year will need to update their volunteer application each year and complete their background checks. (Background checks are good for 5 years.) Click here to begin volunteering.


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Opportunities Throughout the Year:

1. BoxTops. We collect Boxtops as a “free for school” money! We collect them throughout the year in a bin in the front hallway, but we also have collection times throughout the year. We could always use help counting. If you work during the day and have some time in the evenings or weekends, you could help us organize the boxtops. BoxTops is transitioning to an app where all you have to do is scan your receipt. Just choose Mary Marek after you download the app and scan your receipt. No more cutting BoxTops! Our goal this year is to make $3,000! You could do this at your home or join us in a counting party!

2. AmazonSmile Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service. Support Mary Marek by starting your shopping at smile.amazon.com instead of the app.

3. Library Weekly Helpers (ON HOLD) Anita Phipps, our librarian, needs lots of help in the library on a weekly basis. This is a WEEKLY COMMITMENT. It is perfect for someone who has a flexible schedule or is off one day a week. You can come up and volunteer and then have lunch with your child if you like! This is such an important way to volunteer because it is how our children are able to check out new books throughout the day. If we don’t have someone, the library will have to be closed at times for check-out. It is a wonderful way to meet the kids, parents, and teachers! You also learn about all of the awesome children’s books that we have!

4. Library Pop-in (ON HOLD). If you can’t commit weekly, pop-in ANYTIME, ANY DAY! The library needs the most help between 10:30-12:30. They always need help with checking-out and shelving books.

5. Art Helpers. Our wonderful art teacher, Alis Little, has so many great activities for our students and can use help. Most of the activities are only 1-2 hours and she has everything ready to go! This includes things such as Dot Week activities, displaying rodeo art in the front hallways, Big Art Night,…

6. Poster Making. If you are even slightly creative, we could use some help when we make posters to announce something! We will tell you where to find the materials at school and what needs to be put on the poster.

7. Fun Run (ON HOLD) We will need help to sell drinks and snacks, help the Coaches set up the event, and to help with clean up afterward. With the Marek Coaches involved, this will be a super fun event for all!

8. Holiday Trees. Every year we put up trees in the front hallway. Each grade level does some kind of project and decorates the trees. We need someone to put the trees up and/or take them down. It is about an hour or so for each day. This is an easy way to volunteer! Stay and have lunch with your child!

9. Holiday Gift Shop (ON HOLD). Right before our winter break, students have an opportunity to buy a little present for their loved ones. It is a fundraiser for the PTO and the kids LOVE it! It is also fun as a volunteer. They get to shop for their parents on their own! We need volunteers throughout the week. Come in for one or two hours on one day or join us all week!

10. Family Nights (ON HOLD) We will have various family nights throughout the year. We always need help planning and volunteering. (Read in Jammies, Movie Night, etc.)

11. Book Fair. Every year our library has a Scholastic Book Fair. We could use cashiers throughout the week. Super easy and a great way to see the books first hand! Opportunities before school, during school, and right after school, and one evening. You have lots of choices to fit your schedule!

12. Teacher Appreciation Week. This is one of the best ways to say “thank you” to all of the teachers. Help out setting up for one day or more!

Beginning of the Year Opportunities:

1. Kindergarten Lunch Duty (ON HOLD) For the first week of school, we need help in the cafeteria for our kindergarten students. This is their first time through the cafeteria line and sometimes they have trouble getting everything they need on their tray. They also need help with learning how to open their milk, opening their packets, and getting ketchup. You can volunteer one day or as many as you like. Your child does not have to even be in kindergarten for you to help!

2. Room Parent. Once you have undergone the district background check, sign up to be your child(ren)’s room parent. You will coordinate with the teacher for any activities, such as holiday parties or field trips. Room parents also assist the teacher with classroom tasks like making copies, or putting together Tuesday folders. Many of these things you can do from home, and don’t take up too much time!





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